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Devoted Freight Hall Undertaking: first path efficiently accomplished | Freight trains run at tremendous pace on the freight hall, now the railway image will change – jj

Devoted Freight Hall Undertaking: first path efficiently accomplished | Freight trains run at tremendous pace on the freight hall, now the railway image will change


new Delhi: The first successful trial of Goods train was done by Indian Railways on its Dream Project Dedicated Freight Corridor on Thursday. During the trial, the goods train ran at a speed of 100 km per hour. Today the first trial was in terms of speed. Tomorrow the railway will trial the double decker goods train. Two corridors of DFC are being built in the first phase at a cost of more than 80 thousand crores. Today, the first trial was conducted in the Western Freight Corridor in New Madhopur, Rajasthan. This trial is going to change the picture of Indian Railways in many ways.

The railways have prepared 350 km of the western corridor and after this trial, the movement of goods in the western corridor will start soon. The western corridor is starting from Dadri in Noida to Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust in Mumbai. In the second phase, 6 new corridors are to be built. That is, all four parts of the country have to be connected to the dedicated freight corridor.

This is a big thing for the railways because it is going to have a big impact on the Indian Railways. So far, the goods train of the railway stays at an average speed of 25 km per hour, ie if the passenger train has to be taken forward, then the goods train is parked. Therefore, the goods of the traders are not able to reach on time and due to the movement of the goods train and passenger train on the same track, the passenger train does not come at the speed right now and the load on the other track is very high. This is the reason that the entire focus of the Railways is to build a dedicated freight corridor at the earliest. Railway is working fast on this. You can guess from this that as the corridor gets ready, the goods train will shift on the dedicated freight corridor. That means only and only goods trains will run on this corridor.

Goods Train

Advantages of railway corridor
The biggest advantage of this will be that the speed of the goods trains will be 100 kilometers per hour, the speed will be faster. The second advantage will be that with the commitment the railway will be able to deliver the goods of the traders on time. The third big advantage will be that on the normal track, the load is still very high. With the departure of Goods train, the load on the normal track will be reduced and passenger trains will be able to reach their destination on time.

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With the removal of the goods train, it will be convenient to run new passenger trains on it. In the first phase, two dedicated freight corridors of the railway are being prepared and it is costing more than 80000 crores. If the railway does not test at the speed of 100 today, then tomorrow, the double decker goods will test the train. It will be tested in this trial that there is no problem in delivering the double decker goods train on the DFC Corridor.

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