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Greenback Normal FRIDAY $5 off $25 🔥🔥🔥 TONI OUT HERE KILLING DEALS! – jj

Greenback Normal FRIDAY $5 off $25 🔥🔥🔥 TONI OUT HERE KILLING DEALS!

DollarGeneral #CouponingWithToni #SavingMoney JOIN ME ON EBATES!!! LINK BELOW https://www.ebates.com/r/COUPON15135?eeid=28187 New PO Box …



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  1. Girl I went early and grabbed all 4 of the febreeze plugs for free.. I have 5 accounts for dollar general lol 🤷‍♀️ I been cashing out on these deals especially today Friday with the gain 5/20 and the 5/25 plus I grabbed all the boho toilet papers! From one couponer to another any sales start at 7 pm the night before! So grab them before the day of the sale!👍

  2. I didn't get my $5.01 and I spent $15.😭😭😭
    2 head and shoulders $12
    1 tide pods 15 count $4.95
    Febreze fabric downy $3.55
    Febreze wax melt downy $3
    Downy fabric softener wrinkle realeaser $4.50
    2 gain dish liquid $4

    2off 2 dc head & shoulders =$9
    2 off 1 dc tide pods=$2.95
    3 off 2 dc febreze=$3.55
    2 off 1 dc downy=$2.50
    2off 2 dc gain dish liquid=$2
    5off 25=$15.00

  3. Today was the first time that I have ever gone to Dollar General. I went 20 minutes after they opened and the shelves were empty for the toilet paper. I peeked thru their double doors and they have 2 full pallets of scott and cottonell toilet paper. I asked cashier if she could please grab me some that I had driven 2 towns down for that deal and she told me that she has alot of projects that she needs to do besides the register and that she doesn't have time. Not only that, she told me that the person who stocks the shelves won't be in till later the day. I really wanted to do this deal and was so pumped. I had a plan already to take everything to my local donation center where I know there are in need of home essentials but I can't be mad tho. I used to work in retail for many years. And I know how all these stories want to do more with less. But I also know that you should know what to do as priority. Especially if the stores know that these items are gonna be hot.

  4. Did my 2 off 25 and did not get my 5 dollar coupon for pg products…I got to charmin, 2 febreze and a large tide…I also got gain fireworks and a dollar item …used 5 off 25 2 off gain 2 off tide ..3 off febreze 1 off charmin…subtotal 13.90…Did I do something wrong?

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