Impact of yield as a consequence of illness on onion crop in Nashik | Ailments, yield affect on onion crop in Nashik; Farmer's concern elevated


Nashik (Nilesh Wagh): First unseasonal rain in Maharashtra Onion Crop was ruined Now fog and cloudy environment has increased the concern of onion-producing farmers of Nashik. Bacterial blight disease has occurred on the onion due to cloudy atmosphere in Nashik. Due to this, onion leaves turn yellow and fungus has formed on the onion from dew point. Now onion yield will be reduced due to this. Onion size will also be small.

To control this disease, farmers will have to spray more pesticides, which is also increasing the cost of their produce. Even after 4 months, the farmer is worried because the onion is not producing as expected.

No effect of pesticide spraying
Onion grower Devaji Wagh said, it has been 4 months in the sowing of onion crop. Onion was spoiled by the off-season rains during Diwali. After that pesticide was sprayed. The cloudy environment has affected diseases and fungi on the onion. The effect of pesticide spraying is also not visible.

Increase in fertilizer expenses
Farmer Somnath Wagh says that due to the cloudy environment, onion crop has been affected. Due to the disease on this onion, the cost of pesticides and fertilizers has to increase 4-5 times. The cost of production has increased, but the product will also decrease.

To no avail
Onion grower Umesh Patil said, "Onion is spoiled in a cloudy environment. Sprayed the pesticide 5 -5 times in 4 months. To no avail. Onion size has not increased. So far, 25 thousand rupees have been sprayed for two acres of onion.

Expert and agricultural officer Vijay Patil says that bacterial blight disease and fungus has resulted in onion due to change in weather. It should be sprayed with expert pesticides and dew on the onion. Sprinkle water on it, so that the onion fungus will come under control.

Report- Nilesh Wagh, Zee Media, Malegaon- Nashik

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