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Idiot (If You Suppose It's Over) Lyrics-Chris Rea – jj

Idiot (If You Suppose It's Over) Lyrics-Chris Rea

Fool (If You Think It’s Over)” was written by Chris Rea for his young sister who just experienced her first heartbreak. I made this video for myself, after years of …



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  1. I have always loved this song since I was a kid. Its European vibe transcends me to another place in the world far far away from where I grew up and what it might have been like to be in a relationship with a beautiful French girl.

  2. NOTE: Early in the song (in Verse 1), Chris Rea states that the girl's age is only 17 years old, but later in the song, he states in the song's Prechorus (twice) that "I'll buy your thirst good wine. We'll have a real good time." Is he implying that he's seducing a minor, like BENNY MARDONES was, in his song INTO THE NIGHT? (Released about 18 months after Chris Rea's song, and to the same musical genre and audience.)

  3. Wow! 17 when this was playing on the FM Radio in 78 here in Missouri. Was always thinking about Debbie S. on this song. Nothing ever came of us actually "going with each other" (except for 4 hours in 7th grade) as far as reality and government paper like a marriage license. Just liked (loved infatuation it was just my imagination) her since 3rd grade and in our small town I always watched her from another social scene group (I was a hood aka pothead and she was smart, quiet classy cheerleader, talked to everyone, humble and fun). We graduated the class of 79. I say that like we even saw each other in a class of 320 kids. We didn't. Ha! and then just now this song popped up. It ain't over til it's over. LMAO..

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