French Federal Leaders' Debate 2019 (English translation) Half 1

Watch six federal party leaders square off in the French-language debate at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Que. To read more: http://cbc.ca/ …



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  1. If you are a real Canadian & you really care about your country, you would vote for Andrew Sheer (or support The Conservative Party). Conservatism is the best way to maintain social equality, economic growth and stability, & environmental improvements. Liberalism is for the blind & brainwashed people, the Democratic party is for the dreamers that will never wake up & the Green Party/Bloc QC/People’s Party are irrelevant. Consider this message of opinion an appropriate suggestion for the beneficial prosperity of Canada 🇨🇦.

    (Useless comments below……. 👇)

  2. Just a kind reminder that this so called "anthropogenic climate change" and the rather absurd expectation that the office of the Prime Minister (and parliament) can ensure a cohesive and efficacious contingency plan to deal with this imaginary issue, is beyond even the most pure scientific rationalism.
    NOT A SINGLE scientific paper corroborates this hysterical political hyperbole that the world's biosphere and it's interlocutor constituents are in imminent danger of collapse within the next two decades.
    There are a variety of natural factors which influence relatively minor temperature shifts in the tropospheric medium.
    "Ah well, you my friend are a 'climate denier!' 97% of climate scientists agree[…]"
    — A specious and intellectually insipid claim. It does not take a genius to classify this statement as textbook Fallacy of Equivocation, a great and unrepentant abberration of logical syllogism.
    98% agreed on what exactly? That "global warming" is anthropogenic in nature? That urgent "climate action/rectification" is needed? That global warming consists of wet bulb and barometric pressure differential coefficients in our atmosphere? Or that this effects another variable?
    *Further more, no scientific community in the HISTORY of post-industrial human civilisation has EVER reached a near unanimous acknowledgement of an epi-phenominalist (or) trans-empirical event, as yet to even be properly proven and subject to scientific excoriation, like this alleged "global warming."
    Please focus on actual existing issues, more pertinent to the well-being of our national kin, NOT on pseudo-scientific fairytales propagated by morally obtuse political radicals.
    No more national carbon tax. No more proposed tax exemptions and repatriative 'reimbursements' for eco-friendly housing. These will stagnate and destroy our flourishing economy.
    Wake up to reality people.