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Minecraft PE 1.2.9+ JOIN MY SERVER! – jj

Minecraft PE 1.2.9+ JOIN MY SERVER!

Server Name : Pixel Craft IP: b17544.leet.cc Port : 17544 Hope you do donate and play! Pixel Craft Website: http://bit.ly/pixelcraftwebsite Pixel Craft Discord: …



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  1. Guys in order to make ur own server Download LEET it’s for free with that u Can Create a world Then Build and purchase new commands and Gamemodes for ur server 😀 Subscribe and comment in one of my vids for More Detail and a step by step

  2. How does thos guy get views? He doesnt try on his videos? He uses a copyrighted intro. And doesnt even talk? I am here crying my self to sleep working hard on my video and get 2 views! Is this the fucked up world we live in! Do we have to fail to get views? Do we have to fail at life to be someone? Cause to me everyone gets a miracle and there all of a sudden famous! All i ask for in this world is 1 fan! 1 fan that cares! 1 fan= a smile on my face! I just want a audience :(. Is that to hard to ask for?

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