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Reagan tells Soviet jokes – jj

Reagan tells Soviet jokes

Reagan tells Soviet jokes


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  1. guy walks into a bar. Sits next to a blonde and asks her if she wants to hear a blonde joke. She says ok but first you should know I know karate and my two friends with me are blondes one is a kickboxer and the other a female body builder. you still want to tell that joke? The guy says "Hell No. I don't want to explain the same joke three times."

  2. Is there an afterlife?

    How do YOU tell right from wrong?

    Does justice exist?

    There is an eternal God sitting on his throne of judgement awaiting every soul that leaves this world. He is the standard of moral excellence and has provided us with a moral conscience and his word and commandments.
          We have greatly sinned against him and as he is holy and just must serve righteous judgment on those who are guilty.
        Because he is also rich in mercy and is the source of love he became a flesh and blood man walked among us and was crucified for the payment of the sins of mankind. Through his precious blood we can be forgiven and know God and be at peace with him.
       Repent of your sins, give your life to Jesus Christ and be forgiven and saved.
    The new age cannot replace God.
    He is eternal and is reaching out to you.
    May the Lord God bless you.

  3. Hans, a man from West Germany decides to move at Eastern Berlin. His mother tells him:
    Hans, my boy. From the first moment that you cross the Iron Fence, you are in dangerous territory. Don't dare to write me that there is something bad in a communist country. In your letters, you will use a blue pen if you are telling me the truth, and red pen if you are lying.

    About 2 weeks later, the first letter arrives, and every word is blue.

    My dear mother,

    The 2 weeks that have passed were enough to make me love the East Germany. The people are great, the system cares about everyone, and generally, there is a very pleasant atmosphere. The only negative is that I can't find red pen anywhere.

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