Salman Khan grandfather Abdul Rashid Khan was DIG of Indore | Salman Khan's grandfather was Dabangg DIG, revolver didn’t follow


New Delhi: Bollywood's 'Bhaijaan' Salman Khan Today is his birthday (27 December). Salman Khan is tasting the success of Dabangg 3, in which he has become a strong cop. Do you know that Salman's grandfather was also a domineering policeman. He was a DIG in Indore. In Jasim Khan's 'Being Salman', Salman's uncle Naeem Khan has been quoted saying that his grandfather's image was exactly like Salman Khan's 'Dabangg'.

Maharaja gave the title of Diler Jung
Salman Khan's grandfather was a DIG in Holkar Ram, Indore. Maharaja Yashwant Rao Holkar gave him the title of 'Diler Jung'. The Holkar dates from the Khan family to the Khan family when Salman Khan's ancestors came to Indore from Afghanistan. The men of this family were hattees, so they got a place in the army and police.

Grandpa's hand was treasured
According to the book- Dada Abdul Rashid bought a building in Barwali outpost in Indore. When he wanted to demolish the building and build his house, a treasure was found there. Salman's grandfather immediately received his reward and sold the building. Then he built a big house on large land in Palasia area.

Walked in an open jeep and sometimes wore uniforms
Salman's grandfather lived in a very domineering style. He used to roam in an open jeep in a royal way. Not only this, he also used to wear uniforms only occasionally. He was called as Sir, not Mian.

There was a very simple atmosphere in the house

Uncle Naeem Khan had told that there was no security like DIG in the house. There was no orderly. All the people living in the house used to do it. We never felt that our father is a big officer. There was no electricity in the house. He never used to lock the house. The most important thing is that he never had a revolver. Danda was his main weapon.

'Dabangg 3' shot in Indore

Salman Khan also reached Indore for the shooting of the film Dabangg 3. During the shooting, Salman had told the media that his grandfather was posted in the police job where the shooting took place at Mandleshwar and Maheshwar. While sharing a video on social media, Arbaaz wrote that for 'Dabangg-3' return to his native land.

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