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The Bodysnatchers – Do Rock Regular – jj

The Bodysnatchers – Do Rock Regular



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  1. I did a lot of the warm up Dj sessins for most of the 80s ;Mod' bands. Two tone lot,Lambrettas,Purple Hearts (Loved Frustration),KillerMeters,Circles,Secret Affair,Chords,Prisoners,Nine Below Zero and the fuckin amazing Jam. A LOT of these were plastic made up bands cashing in on the scene. Wearing stage clothes and pretending. Used to have real good rows with that lot. Got the boot adter a row with Secret Affair. Bunch of posers!

  2. Space = massive. Imagine how long the m1 is. Now imagine that each service station is a galaxy. That means that it is over 1,000,000,000,000,000 miles to leicester forest. I think anyways. And if it isn't true, it makes you think, eh? Btw, nice tune.

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