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Tricks to declare a incapacity pension for herniated disc – jj

Tricks to declare a incapacity pension for herniated disc

Tips to claim a work disability due to herniated disc.

In this video, the lawyer Ramón Escribano Garés, an expert in claiming Social Security pensions due to disability or permanent disability, gives some advice on how to apply for a disability request to Social Security for suffering from herniated discs.

The most relevant tips that are expressed in the video are:

1.- Find an expert lawyer in claims of disability or disability at the Social Security.

This is basic, since the future of the claim will depend largely on the quality and professional knowledge of the lawyer to help us process our pension.

2.- Collect all the evidence and medical documents that prove the entity of the herniated disc that supports our request for work disability. Especially important are the reports of magnetic resonance imaging, electromyographies and documents of specialists who have treated said herniated disc.

Very relevant to the success of the claim would be to prove if the hernia causes root involvement, that is, involvement of the nerve roots of the affected area. This is achieved by objectifying with an electromyography.

3.- It is also important to prove what is the usual work of the person suffering from the hernia, and especially if such work may involve repetitive efforts and flexions with the back area where the herniated disc is.

For this, it is very important to compare the applicant's work activity with the tax requirements that the valuation guide of the National Social Security Institute provides for said activity.

4.- Equally interesting would be to have a report from a specialist and assessment of bodily harm that expertly reports the source of claiming a work disability due to herniated disc.

5.- It would also be very appropriate, depending on each particular case, to have an expert report from a professional risk assessor, whose task will be, on the one hand, to evaluate the functions of the work that the worker has to perform and on the other hand the accredited ailments of the same, to conclude if it is possible or not, that develops said labor activity.

Once all of the above has been studied, the next step would be to apply for work disability.

In our office we are experts in claiming pensions for work disability. Call 958-274169 and tell us your case. The first telephone consultation is free.

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