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Immediately New Huge Choice For Govt Staff / About Pension – jj

Immediately New Huge Choice For Govt Staff / About Pension

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  1. ….. I have received from a Muslim Acctts. Officer a RECOVERY LETTER of Rs.15 lakh due from me as overpayment since my retirement in 1990 (30 years ago) … Nobody is listening or responding to my petition Dt. 15-3-2019 to the AGPR Karachi for the last eight months , is it not appalling ….. GOD IS IN THE HEAVENS & ALL IS WELL WITH THE ISLAMI WORLD … hasanakhtar39@gmail.com

  2. …………. ANY NEWS ABOUT THE MALPRACTICE OF ISSUING OF ….. recovery letters to the pensioners by Accounts Officers alleging overpayment since many years …… THIS IS A VERY GRAVE PROBLEM PROMOTING CORRUPTION .

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