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UBER APP driver and 99 can flip MEI – jj

UBER APP driver and 99 can flip MEI

Uber drivers and other applications may register as individual microentrepreneurs (MEI) and thus contribute to the National Institute of Social Security (INSS). Thus, professionals are now classified as formal workers.
The Resolution of the Steering Committee of Simples Nacional, linked to the Ministry of Economy, was published this Thursday (08) in the Official Gazette (DOU) and is already in force. The publication amends the Committee Resolution published in May 2018, which included the Independent Application Driver occupation.
As formal workers, length of service is considered for retirement purposes as well as access to benefits. However, the minimum contribution times must be respected to achieve each benefit. Disability retirement, for example, requires a minimum of 12 months contribution as drivers from Uber and other applications; for maternity pay, it is ten months and for sick pay 12 months of contribution.