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Will Apple say goodbye to the Lightning port? – jj

Will Apple say goodbye to the Lightning port?


Could From Apple The next flagship iPhone will launch without a single port, not even a power port? It could happen as early as 2021 if you believe in the source cited in the recent CNET article. The report suggests that Apple is currently working to launch a device that will not have any wired ports of any kind, including the current standard port found on iOS devices. But how would such a device be, and would people be willing to give up their ports?

Apple has a long history of removing functions and add-ons that we once considered essential. For example, when the first MacBook Air was launched in 2008, people were furious to learn that the device did not have a built-in CD or DVD drive. Back then, that was the standard way to install software or listen to music, but Apple was ahead of the game in the sense that today your typical laptop doesn’t have a built-in CD drive. Apple knew that the software came more and more from the Internet, as did music and subsequent video. More recently, Apple removed support for the classic headphone jack on devices that start with the iPhone X. This again angered and confused some customers, but the iOS ecosystem seems to be as strong now as it was before.

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But with both previous examples, alternative solutions could still give people access to the functions they wanted. For example, an external USB CD or DVD drive gave access to optical discs, and a headphone lightning adapter allowed traditional headphones to continue to operate. But if there are no ports of any kind, what will that mean for wired headphones and, of course, the power charge?

Apple could mark the beginning of the cables

Starting with the iPhone 8, all iPhones since then are compatible with wireless charging, even if Apple is not particularly vocal about this feature. Wireless charging may be a convenient alternative, but it is not yet error free. On the front of the headphones, many premium headphones do not have a wireless option. Therefore, if you invested heavily in some high-quality audiophile headphones that you expected to last a lifetime, you may worry.

However, this potential news may not be as sad as it is fatal. First, if Apple is free of all cables and ports, they will have more space inside their devices to include more of the good things we love: bigger batteries, faster processors and more generous memory chips. Also, a totally wireless device would surely come packaged with accessories that would make everything make sense as a wireless charging platform or maybe even some AirPods.

And even for those of us who have headphones or headphones with premium cable, it seems almost certain that a third-party accessory manufacturer will make some kind of Bluetooth dongle where you can connect your headphones to connect the wired headphones to a wireless device. Or maybe if Apple does this, they will be taking a step too far and could annoy customers to the point of looking for alternatives. At this point, nobody knows, since the change to a totally wireless design is not yet confirmed. But still, given From Apple The history of eliminating seemingly useful features, throwing the lightning port seems inevitable.

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Source: CNET

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