Yr Ender 2019: 5 'poor' attributable to harm, if somebody missed the World Cup, somebody misplaced … Yr Ender: India is essentially the most profitable cricket crew of 2019, regardless of 5 gamers Bumrah, Hardik, Dhawan, Bhuvi accidents


new Delhi: The year 2019 is now at its last stop. If we 2019 Cricket (Year Ender 2019) If you look at it, you will find that this year almost Indian cricketers dominated. This is the reason why India performed brilliantly in every series except the ICC World Cup. This performance would have been better if the country's five leading players had not been troubled by the injury. This year was also named after Jasprit Bumrah, Hardik Pandya, Shikhar Dhawan, Bhubaneswar and Prithvi Shaw. These players remained out of the team due to injury most of the year. End of year Deepak Chahar But he also got hurt. He was also injured during the series from the Windies. Now they will return by April next year.

India played 52 matches
India played a total of 52 matches in 2019 and won 34 matches. He played 28 ODIs this year. He was the team to play the most ODI matches in a year. Apart from this, the Indian team also played 16 T20 and 8 Test matches. India did not lose a single Test in 2019. He won seven out of eight Tests and played a draw.

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Jaspreet Bumrah out of 4 months
Fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah has been out of Team India for almost four months. He played 19 matches for India in 2019. That is, they were able to play less than 40% of India's matches. Bumrah played 14 ODIs, three Tests and two T20 matches in a year. He is the country's number-1 bowler. If he was fit full time, India's performance could have been better. Bumrah played his last match this year against the West Indies in September. He will return to the field from the T20 series against Sri Lanka next year.

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Hardik Pandya could play only 33% of the matches
All-rounder Hardik Pandya was troubled by back pain throughout the year. For this reason, he could play less matches than Bumrah this year. He played 17 matches for India in 2019. That is, they could play only 33% of India's matches. Pandya played 12 ODIs and two T20 matches in a year. Could not play even one test match. Hardik later went to England and underwent back surgery. Hardik played the last match this year against South Africa in September.

Shikhar Dhawan had to leave the World Cup midway due to injury. (Photo: IANS)

Dhawan out of middle of World Cup
Opener Shikhar Dhawan played more matches this year than Jaspreet Bumrah and Hardik Pandya. Despite this, they have reason to be more disappointed than their peers. The reason for this is that Dhawan had to be dropped from the middle of the ICC World Cup this year. That too when he was in good form. Having lost a place in the Test team, Dhawan played a total of 30 matches in 2019. These include 18 ODIs and 12 T20 matches. He could not play in the series that ended recently against the West Indies due to injury. He will return to the field from the T20 series against Sri Lanka next year.

Bhubaneswar played 50% of matches
Fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar looked troubled by injury for the second consecutive year. He did not play many matches in England and Australia tour last year. In the year 2019, he was able to play 26 matches for India in 2019, i.e. only 50% matches. Bhuvi played 19 ODIs and nine T20 matches this year. Could not play even one test match. Not only this, he had to leave many matches due to injury in IPL too. Bhuvi played the last match this year against the West Indies on 11 December.

Prithvi Shaw was hit twice
Prithvi Shaw scored a century in the debut test against the West Indies in 2018. He was then selected to tour Australia. But he got hurt before the first Test match against Australia and he had to be out of the series. This injury did not leave him with either in 2019. Prithwi Shaw got injured again in May. Due to this, he could not be selected for the Test series against the West Indies. After this he got caught in doping and was banned for eight months. The ban ended on 15 November. In this way, Prithvi, who made a brilliant debut in 2018, could not play a single match for the country in 2019.

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