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After serving the Indian Air Force for 34 years, Bahadur retired today. Pilots who flew the MiG 27 Fighter Plane used to call this aircraft bravely. People are often forgotten after retirement. But our country will not forget this brave warrior of the Air Force. So today we will do a DNA test of the retirement of Mig 27 Fighter Plane. As per the tradition of the Air Force, whenever a fighter aircraft takes its first or last flight, it is given a Water Cannon Salute. That is, that plane is welcomed or given a farewell by water splashes. Today, the MiG-27 aircraft has also been given the Water Cannon Salute. First you look at this Water Cannon Salute, after this we will do a supersonic analysis of life from the battle of MiG 27 Aircraft to the rest.

The Indian Air Force's MiG 27 Fighter Plane is retired today. It was inducted into the Indian Air Force in the year 1985. But today it has bid farewell to Jodhpur airbase of Rajasthan. Today, 7 planes took off from Jodhpur airbase. These Fighter aircraft were part of Indian Air Force's 'Squadron Number 29'. There were a total of 15 aircraft in this Squadron which are now retired. And it was the last Squadron of the Air Force to fly the MiG-27.

A Squadron is an organ or operational unit of the Air Force, which consists of at least two Aircrafts and pilots flying it. A Squadron in India usually consists of 16 to 18 Fighter Planes. The MiG-27, prepared in Russia in 1975, was inducted into the Indian Air Force in the year 1985. It was built by the Russian company Mikoyan (Mikayan) Gurevich (Gurevich).

In our country Hindustan Aeronautics Limited got the right to license production of this aircraft from Russia. And 165 such aircraft were built under it. The specialty of the MiG 27 was its excellent ability to attack the ground target. The technology of this Fighter Plane was based on another aircraft 'MiG 23' from Russia.

India decided to de-commission it after 3 decades. Today the MiG-27 took its last flight. This was an emotional picture for the Indian Pilots who had flown this aircraft.

Now understand why this fighter aircraft was retired. In the year 2005, 40 MiG-27 aircraft were upgraded. But in the current era, the Indian Air Force was facing a lot of problems under the supervision of these Fighter Jets. One of the main reasons for retiring the MiG 27 was its maintenance. Our Air Force relied on Russia for the spare parts of this aircraft, but these spare parts were not available at the time. And so 57 MiG-27 aircraft have crashed in the last 31 years. Accordingly, there were about 2 aircraft Crash every year.

There are even older MiG-21 aircraft in our Air Force. This aircraft joined the Indian Air Force in the 60s. Even after the MiG is older than 27. 4 Squadron of the MiG-21 are protecting the country. One reason for this is that most of its spare parts are being made in India. Therefore, their maintenance is possible. The thing to note here is that this aircraft has helped India in every difficult situation. Now only Kazakhstan's air force is using these aircraft around the world.

Now you should see the glorious history of this aircraft. So we have extracted rare pictures of this Fighter Jet from the library of Zee News. In the Kargil war of 1999, it attacked Pakistan soldiers in a surefire manner. On 26 May 1999, the Air Force started Operation White Sea. During this operation, the MiG-27 targeted rockets of Pakistani intruders on the hills of Kargil with rockets and destroyed them. It was a new record for the Indian Air Force at that time. Because no Fighter Plane was ever attacked at that height. The trailer of the MiG 27 power was also seen by intruders hiding in Pakistani bases in hills like Tiger Hill and Tololing. Hundreds of Pakistani intruders were killed in its air strike. It was named 'Bahadur' because of similar adventures of MiG 27. However, during the action in Batalik sector during the same time, MiG-27 flight Lieutenant K Nachiketa had to land in Pakistani territory after the aircraft was damaged. Then he was taken captive by the Pakistanis.

Now MiG 27 … Fighter Plane may have retired. But due to its merits, it will be remembered in the category of the most capable and powerful Fighter Jets of the Indian Air Force. The top speed of this aircraft with an engine was one and a half times 1700 kilometers per hour at the speed of sound. And it could carry up to 4 thousand kg of ammunition in one flight. This aircraft could attack by avoiding enemy radar while flying at low altitude. And during the flight close to the ground, its speed was also very fast.

Wings of almost all fighter aircraft, ie the wings are fixed. But it was the only aircraft of the Indian Air Force that had Swing-Wing. That is, its wings could be twisted in the air as needed. With the help of Swing-Wing, this aircraft can move its wings forward and backward as needed. To understand this easily, you can compare a bird's flight. When a predatory bird attacks a prey by flying, it shrinks its wings towards the back, giving it a faster speed. At the same time, when he lands on the ground, he spreads his wings which helps him to land. MiG 27 also had the same quality. This aircraft was also called old lion by the time of many pilots.

Perhaps you are wondering what happens to these aircraft after retiring?
So know that this hero of the Air Force will work for the country even after retiring. Parts and parts that will be used elsewhere will be removed from these MiG-27 aircraft. After that those aircraft will be kept in important military and educational institutions. So that other people also get inspiration to serve the country.

The retirement of MiG 27 will also affect the Indian Air Force's 'Squadron Number 29'. Now this Squadron will be Numberplated. That is, until this Squadron gets new aircraft, it will be suspended. 'Squadron number 29' is also known as Scorpions. According to sources in the Air Force, this Squadron will get Sukhoi 30 MKI aircraft next year and it will be ready to sting enemies again.

You are well aware of the strength of the Indian Air Force. Today it is the fourth most powerful air force in the world, which has 1 lakh 40 thousand personnel and the strength of more than 2 thousand Aircrafts. To meet its security challenges, India needs at least 42 Squadron. But because of ignoring the needs of the Air Force for a long time, now it has been reduced to just 28.

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