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Attenborough: Superb DIY Orangutans | BBC Earth – jj

Attenborough: Superb DIY Orangutans | BBC Earth

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  1. Looks exactly like what a 3-4 year old human child would do. Honestly there might be no difference. The orangutan might even be slightly smarter. I'm assuming people aren't too happy accepting the fact that their 4 year old child might be stupider than an orangutan though.

  2. Remember, if human babies aren't educated by other humans, they don't develop the intelligence of a 'normal" human. Maybe the other great apes have a lot more potential intelligence than we realise. Although, considering that we're destroying our habitat as fast as we can & orang-utans live in complete harmony with theirs, I think we're the less intelligent ones!

  3. God bless that baby girl, if only for lack of vocal cords one could be sitting in a coffee shop carrying on a conversation much more engaging than one would have with most people. Yet they are hunted and murdered for meat and money. When the murder of an animal carries the SAME punishment as that of a human, ONLY then will we begin to evolve. These are our brothers and sisters, it HAS to be seen that way.

  4. These beautiful creatures and us are all from millions of years of evolution and we just branched out slightly.
    Still the brainwashed cult followers especially Christians and Muslims believe an invisible man in the sky created humans. Thought that before they can crawl so it’s rooted firm.

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