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In 2010, Avneet Makkar took an initiative to make math easy for her daughter and today has become the most successful startup in the country.

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new Delhi. Maths has been such a subject that we have all played a lot of papad in order to read and teach and believe me, even today the matter of maths examination can give me nitmer. To overcome such fear of mathematics and also its concepts to make it easier for children to understand the language, Avneet Makkar took the initiative to make math easy for her daughter in 2010, the country's most successful startup Has been made.

Children's interest in mathematics increased

Algebra and geometry are the two heirs of mathematics and they are famous for creating fear among innocent children. Their horror is so much that even children are afraid of it even in their parents. There was a mother whose favorite subject has been mathematics. But seeing the phobia growing in his daughter, he felt bad. That is why they found an option that is making math easy and fun with the help of technology. We are talking about Avneet Makkar of Bengaluru. His startup CarveNiche Technologies is raising interest in children towards mathematics.

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Useful for children from KG to class 10th

After finding the learning gap from this test, a personalized AI path is generated according to the child's needs. Those topics are strengthened by focusing on the platform of beGalileo where the children are struggling. The biggest feature of this product is that children from KG (10th) to 10th class can start using it on any stage. Once the child is in fourth grade or seventh class, after reading on beGalileo, the fear of mathematics runs away and then it becomes the most favorite subject.

Earning opportunity through franchise

CarveNiche Technologies is not retailing products on B2B to maintain the quality of personalized learning. Hence beGalileo only retails at B2C. The company has created beGalileo centers by providing teacher training. Most of these centers made by the franchise model are run by a math teacher. After examining the capacity of teachers, these centers can be started by giving training. These home based centers can be started at minimal cost. The company retails the product through the subscription box for such customers for whom it is not possible to go to the center.

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More than 900 centers in 21 cities

To reach more consumers, a fee of 1500 is charged every month for beGalileo. The company gives 60% of this to teachers. The company operates more than 900 beGalileo centers in 21 cities. Avneet started the business with a personal savings of Rs 1 crore, the company has already invested 10 lakh dollars.

Along with maths, the logical and reasoning skills of children are brightening. Going forward, the company is focusing on developing products in coding and AI learning. Along with this, there remains a considerable focus on increasing the reach of customers. For this expansion, in the new year, company Avneet Makkar and Vivek Shaurya are preparing to raise a big institutional fund round.

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First published: December 22, 2019, 2:13 PM IST

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