Giriraj singh stated mughal and Britishers didn’t do what rahul gandhi is doing | The work that the Mughals and the British didn’t do, is ganging up Rahul Gandhi and items – Giriraj Singh


Ranchi: BJP firebrand leader and Union Minister Giriraj Singh has fiercely targeted Rahul Gandhi and the opposition, supporting the Citizenship Amendment Act in Ranchi. Taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi, he said that the people of the gang are trying to mislead the country. What the Mughals and the British did not do, they are ganging up Rahul Gandhi, Owaisi and pieces. Due to the Congress's double policy, work is being done to confuse the country.

He took a dig at the Gandhi family and said that these people talk about the ideal of Mahatma Gandhi. 'Gandhi' was stolen but Gandhi said in a prayer meeting on 12 July 1947 that those who have been driven from Pakistan should know that they were fully citizens of India, they should also know that they Were citizens of India. They were born to serve India and join the glory of India, if they come then they get the same behavior and the same respect.

Union Minister Giriraj Singh attacked the Congress and the opposition fiercely over the opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act in different parts of the country. Giriraj Singh also targeted Owaisi during this time. He said that Modi is not frightening, rather these people are scaring the country. Along with this, while advising Rahul Gandhi to stop the cultivation of lies, people all over the country stand in favor of CAA. Along the way, in the way Rafael had to apologize, in this too Rahul Gandhi will have to apologize to the country.

Giriraj Singh did not stop. He further said, India is a priority for us, we are adamant on it, standing. The country will respond to those who are trying to spread Confusion. Should intruders be allowed to stay in India? Asked such people to take Rahul Gandhi to Italy. Also said that the sin committed by the Congress party for 70 years was called the work of washing, erasing.

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Reacting to Giriraj Singh's statement on the citizenship amendment law of the Congress and the bad behavior of the Congress, Jharkhand Congress Working President Rajesh Thakur hit back, saying, "The people of Jharkhand have told who are dupes in the assembly elections." They are using this kind of language. Giriraj Singh should understand the dignity of the language now. The people of Jharkhand do not like this kind of language.

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