kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan alleges heckling by Historian Irfan watch video | Kerala: Historian Irfan Habib clashes with governor, accuses workers of furore


Kannur (Kerala): Historian Irfan Habib clashed with Governor Arif Mohammad Khan on the stage of the Indian History Congress held at Kannur University. He expressed anger at the governor. It is alleged that Irfan also pushed the personnel posted under the Governor's security. The official Twitter handle of the Governor of Kerala has also released a picture of Irfan Habib, who was entangled with security personnel on the stage.

The tweet from the official Twitter handle of the Kerala Governor said, "Irfan Habib tried to disrupt the Governor's inaugural address. On quoting Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, he told the Governor that he should coat Godse." Also pushed the Governor's ADC and security personnel. "

In fact, when Governor Arif Mohammad Khan was inaugurating the 80th session of the Indian History Congress, he started speaking about the Citizenship Amendment Act, which was opposed by some. During this, historian Irfan Habib climbed the stage.

The governor said, "You have every right to protest, but cannot silence me. When you close the doors of debate and discussion, you are promoting violence."

Arif Mohammed also said that he was not going to speak on this issue, but when the earlier speakers started speaking on the CAA, they also felt that the questions should be answered.

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