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Killer Ab Exercise – jj

Killer Ab Exercise

This is an advanced ab workout, if you are a beginning bodybuilder please see my website for some more appropriate ab workouts. Just a reminder, ab workouts do NOT remove fat. If you have a beer belly or love handles, you need to do cardio and have better nutrition – doing ab exercises will NOT help. Why do abs? Well, not only because a 6-pack looks really cool but strong abs are key for virtually every sport except tiddley winks. Ab strength is critical for hitting a baseball, whacking a golf ball, and especially in sports involving punching where most of the power in the punch comes from your core. Even if you dont do any sports, a strong core can protect your spine from injury.

Now, people get really confused about ab workouts – do you do them once a week or every day? Do you do high reps or low reps? First lets clear the air, there is no “right” or “wrong” ab workout, it depends on your goals. The abs are like any other muscle, if you want them to get bigger and stronger, you work them out hard with heavy weight and give them plenty of rest between workouts to recover. If you want a small, flat waist like a marathon runner then you do a few minutes of abs everyday with no weight and high reps. If you want a really muscular core like a pro bodybuilder with big ab ridges and deep valleys, then workout with high weight and low rep and allow 5-7 days between workouts (morph zoom). Alles Klar?

OK, so this particular ab workout is for people who want those big abs with deep valleys. Lets get started.

This is going to be a killer 30min workout and were going to do this every 5 to 7 days. We are going to do a five supersets with about 3 minutes between. Each superset is going to consist of the following six exercises.
•crunch at max weight (dead)
•crunch with 50% weight (dead)
•bicycles with 50% weight (dead)
•crunch with 0 (dead)
•bickcles with 0 (dead)
•side plank 2x

At the end of the superset, you are going to be DEAD. Now to prove I can take my own medicine, lets do a superset.

rest 3min, repeat. Many people make the mistake of taking it at first to save energy for the sets at teh end, thats a mistake. You have to give each of the exercises 100% effort as if it were the only exercise you were going to do.

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