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Martin Luther King Jr. Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech – jj

Martin Luther King Jr. Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech

Martin Luther King Jr. held his acceptance speech in the auditorium of the University of Oslo on 10 December 1964.
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  1. JFK was against racism and was shot in the 60s..Martin luther king was a movement against racism and was killed in the 60s…malcolm x was against racism and was killed in the 60s..sounds like the normal of those days was racism..cause any one against racism..was killed in the 60s…

  2. Why would peole dislike this type a post is beyond me. The guy deserved the award several times over. His work was not just for black people for for all race and class for EQUALITY. Clean non violence acts and still murdered because of hate.
    Mr. King Jr. All I can say is , "well done good sir".

  3. I am so happy I was part of the Sumter, South Carolina movement during the era. I went to jail at the age of 12. I was along with my sisters and friends sitting at a lunch corner where we were refused a bit to eat. Thank you Dr. King, I have 5 beautiful daughters who are successful which include a daughter who is a pilot for United Airlines, a Captain . Another one a journalist for USA today. Thank you Dr. King. A daughter who owns her SPA in Atlanta voted the best in Atlanta. Thank you Dr. King
    Two other daughters who lives with a great education. Thank you Dr. King. Amen. Thanks thanks….Amen..

  4. Greatest speech of truth and love, I have ever heard as a white man I am . I play it over and over again as it sinks in. My son is not totally white but I love him as he abouts attend University and TU so much for delivering this message. David.

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