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Highly effective music to heal and clear the home of dangerous power. Hearken to her ceaselessly – jj

Highly effective music to heal and clear the home of dangerous power. Hearken to her ceaselessly

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 It is 8 hours of house cleaning with 417Hz. This tone of this Solfeggio scale produces energy to cause change. This frequency cleanses energy and eliminates the destructive influences of past events.

Feng shui in your home.

It is also known as: 417 Hz – The revelation of truth. It allows the listener to release and convert the appearances of difficulty and setbacks, taking order and internal listening to new heights of personal self-transformation.

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Infinite gratitude ღ ॐ Reborn Time .. because ”Love calls.” ♥ .We are Energies ॐ ღ
Internally there is a strong mobilization. Everyone senses that something very big happens. We are receiving a huge flow of light, which comes through the Sun, so that we shine. It is the strongest, most intense and transformative earthly experience we can live if we dare to let go, if we learn to accept and flow with the changes. In this vibrant way, existence invites us to open ourselves and Being, to flourish feeling. Earth celebrates. Love calls.

In their own jurisdiction each one feels that there is a purpose that escapes reason, but that the heart does know and understand. We are not living this human journey by chance. This is a glorious time where each one decided to incarnate in order to take advantage of the light potential that this end of the cosmic cycle entails. Becoming aware of this opportunity is a blessing, which expands our perception and tunes us with the fullness of the soul.

There is agitation because we are experiencing the vigorous transition that guides us towards a new level of understanding, where the illusion of separation dissipates and we feel again as if we were drops that merge into an eternal ocean of love and abundance. It is in this clear and exciting awakening that, consciously, we all begin to shine together, because we move in the fervent certainty that by helping we help each other and loving ourselves we love each other.

These are very decisive instances. It is now when we have more to remain open, when we have to raise the vibration more. A shining revolution is unfolding where love calls us to serve, where love calls us to live centered in the light of our true essence. This crisp call is sensitive and at the same time very powerful, shines in the sublime creation and embraces each one, without distinguishing races or beliefs.

It is time for change. Give us permission to flow. Let's meet again. Let us release the tension, let our wise heart confidently and majestically fly, for the energy that enters encourages us to illuminate to spread the refreshing scent of the new dawn, where we are all invited to flourish feeling. Let's join this colossal celebration, Mother Earth already celebrates her great transmutation in a shining portal, from where love calls. Thank God for this beautiful life we ​​have.

Today .. We live the Present as a New Re-Born ..
Simply because "Love calls"
That in this Present we can sanctify and bless our Deaths: those dreams that were not fulfilled, the unrequited loves, the friendships that were truncated, the spaces we abandoned, the cycles that we closed, the illusions that were shattered … the little ones deaths and the great deaths. And may we celebrate our Resurrections: the new stages, the new relationships, the new experiences, the new spaces. May we bury ourselves, sanctify ourselves and bless ourselves … may we be reborn …
From the Heart of "Somos Energías" 8 hours of house cleaning with 417Hz. This tone of this Solfeggio scale produces energy to cause change. This frequency cleans energy and erases destructive influences from past events.