Ratan Tata shares his particular image on 82nd birthday, reveals probably the most favourite second of the last decade. Ratan Tata turns 82, Shares favourite Second of the Decade


It is not just the end of a year, but also the end of a decade

It is not just the end of a year, but also the end of a decade

On Saturday, on the occasion of his 82nd birthday, Ratan Tata shared a picture of himself on Insta. In which he is riding on the F18 Hornet. Sharing this photo, Ratan Tata wrote that, it is not just the end of a year, but also the end of a decade. I am excited for the new decade ahead, which is a great time to be relevant. Which to create special relationships, laugh and write a little history. One of my favorite moments of this decade is flying the F18 Super Hornet at the Bangalore Aero Show.

Most memorable moment of the decade

Ratan Tata thanked the well-wishers on his birthday and wrote, "I am sorry that I cannot personally reply to each one of you." But the birthday wishes you are getting from this morning are going to be heart touching. I am overwhelmed by the wishes of my family, friends and you. Thanks for the happy new year.

They have about 500 carts

They have about 500 carts

Let us tell you that at present there are 110 companies under the Tata group, ranging from tea to Tata's five star hotels and from Nano to airplanes. Apart from this, Ratan Tata was also very fond of animals. They also have two pet dogs. His Bombay headquarters also has an empty space for animals roaming the street. Ratan Tata is also very fond of vehicles. They currently have around 500 vehicles. This includes luxury vehicles like Ferrari, Mercedes, Cadillac.

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