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The Quickest Means To Construct/Enhance Your FICO Credit score Rating In 2019 For Credit score Playing cards Or Restrict Improve And many others – jj

The Quickest Means To Construct/Enhance Your FICO Credit score Rating In 2019 For Credit score Playing cards Or Restrict Improve And many others

Learn The Fastest Way To Build/Boost Your FICO Credit Score In 2018 For Credit Cards Or Limit Increase Etc! Doing so can also help you replace that first credit card. Video by Certified FICO Professional Calvin O’Neal Russell Jr. If you have any questions, be sure to email me info@the850club.com.

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  1. Shalom Calvin , Blessings Bro I don't even know how I found you but this was Yah"s Hand !! All Praises to The Most High !! 😂😂
    I am New to your Channel and Of Course I just Subscribed. Great Video
    You Came at the Right Time in My Life and I need your Help and Services. Thanks
    Much 💓😂✌

  2. What if I get a secured credit card and then cancel the card once I get the desire score I want? Does keeping my balance at 0% matter or would my credit still be affected bad?how bad would it affect my credit?? I would like to buy a house in the future. I want to improve my score a bit but I really dont want a credit card

  3. Hello! I have a question about payday loans. I am currently in way over my head with them and I really dont know what to do. If you have any company in mind to help with payday loan consolidation I would greatly appreciate it.

  4. Hello,
    Thank you for your advice, it’s eye opening. A quick suggestion – the video quality is waaay too low @ 240p for today’s audience – most devices are at least HD @ 720p, otherwise it’s crazy pixelated and it dates your site, and unconsciously also your info…

  5. Right about the bank thing. I have banked with wells fargo which was wachovia since 2008 and after building some credit I started getting invites to apply for their credit cards. I seriously thought they noticed I stopped using my debit card and was making large payments to discover and capital one and wanted my swipes back. I could not have been more wrong, got declined and was sent an application for their secured card no thanks!

  6. I just want to say that I love your video and i just want to know cause I really need help I have just got a secure credit card my limit is $300 they said I should only spin $90 should I spend $90 or should I keep it a little lower than that to build my credit

  7. I’m not bragging, but, I repaired my own credit. My score is in the 700’s now. I’m currently researching for my 3rd Credit Card. I have my eyes set on the Chase unlimited as-well-as a few others. But I’m not gonna jump I’m going to let them come to me!

  8. Hello Mr Calvin quick question sir. So I did a refi on my auto loan. Lowered my payment. Awesome!! But now it dropped my credit score because the auto loan account was closed. Why did it drop my score? 33 points at that!! I don't understand. I thought paying it off would cause my score!

  9. In one of your previous videos you stated to request for validation of an acct and if validated request for pay to delete. Please help, what would I do if my acct has been validated and on the collections letter it indicated that they would NOT delete an acct for payment and that they'd ONLY update the acct as paid. The acct is a 5yr old medical bill. I'm so confused as to what would be the best route to take on this.

  10. You are an amazing human being thank you thank you thank you for all the information you have blessed us with god bless you and hopefully I could contact you and speak to you if that's okay with you through the phone or email

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