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Commerce battle in focus at G7 summit – jj

Commerce battle in focus at G7 summit

World leaders have delivered a stern warning for Donald Trump to end the tariff trade war with China or risk a recession.


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  1. Trade war is the answer to china greed ‘made in china 2025’ and Belt and Road Initiative debt traps.. meaning china will make everything and left nothing to the others .. meaning china as loan shark will take every things from the victims of debt traps … So how the stability of the World can be viewed under china emperor… Trade war is a good thing for American and the people around the World. The markets are open and everybody have opportunities to compete.. the only losers are those big crooks who have made massive profits dealing with china .. they made huge profits by selling America and the World to china .. it’s time to reveal their identities and cut off their ties..

  2. Great Britain's membership contributIon to the EU is 350 million euros A WEEK! Obcorse the EU leadership (to whom "carrots" are an afterthought) is going to use any "stick" necessary to prevent a Brexit. They really think the US public is stupid!

  3. Fiddlesticks! The EU is hurting (not doing to well economically) & some EU barkers are threatening the US. Give me a brake! What are they, comedians? Corporations are bringing their wealth back to America, & the dependant on the past US handouts (key members of the EU) are stating that the sky is going to fall, if the US doesn't do as they say. What a bunch of toothless dogs barking in behalf of their globalist corporate masters & their own personal bank accounts!

  4. Todos os anos tem queimada na Amazônia oq o macron q fazer e tirar o olhos de ódio dele e jogar nos brasileiros … fora q o acordo do g20 ameaça o agronegócio da França … so pra lembrar so 7% do nosso território tem agronegócio ja a França e de 67% se eu nao me engano ai eu te pergunto quem q desmata ….

  5. The ONE thing that he WON'T cooperate on is a NO DEAL??? WTFuddleduddle ?? IS he kidding?? A NO DEAL DOES NOT REQUIRE NOR DESIRE!! "HIS " cooperation…!!!!!That IS THE whole POINT OF A ….NO DEAL!!! I am ABSOLUTELY convinced…these UNELECTED bureaucrats of the EU…are an oligarchy of pathological liars, sociopaths and psychopaths…and just…downright…LUNATICS…. I HOPE Boris shoves a NO DEAL…right up his spacious sphincter…

  6. Trump is just trying to be nice to the spoilt little fool…President Macaroni….who's a completely inept idiot..who hates France and is doing his best to destroy France, its history, culture and heritage….forever…the Little Manchild…is SUCH AN ASS…

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