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Will MagSafe return to the MacBook? – jj

Will MagSafe return to the MacBook?


Apple ditched the MagSafe in 2016 in favour of the USB-C standard with its laptop design overhaul of the MacBook Pro. Well, it actually started the transition to USB-C from all ports including the MagSafe in 2015 with its 12” MacBook.

The MagSafe was one of the most loved features of the MacBook but it’s no more a thing. Well, there are advantages of USB-C also, sure. Not many people are complaining about not having MagSafe and most of the people buying the new MacBooks are quite content with their purchase.

However, it would not be a bad idea for Apple to consider bringing back the nifty MagSafe connector from the dead. The use-case of the magnetic connector was to prevent accidental fall of laptops by tripping on the wire when connected. By using a magnetic mechanism, Apple found a solution to the problem as the MagSafe connector would automatically disconnect when some force is applied on the cable.

The other thing about MagSafe was that it would latch onto the laptop when the cable was brought near to the laptop as it uses magnets. Charging the laptop was a breeze with MagSafe as it does not require the users to fiddle with wires.

Also, the MagSafe connector had an led indicator which would show when the laptop was charging and when it was not charging in case the laptop had been fully charged. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of Apple fanboys out there that would like to have MagSafe on their laptops again.

Will Apple bring back MagSafe to the MacBook? Well, its difficult to say but recently Phil Schiller, SVP of Worldwide Marketing of Apple in an interview with Jonathan Morrison (YouTuber) said that, the company is trying to listen to its customer requests’ and is working on bringing those features to the Mac.

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