AUS vs NZ: Kane Williamson on shedding Melbourne Check, we weren’t on the prime of our recreation | AUS vs NZ: New Zealand's defeat in Melbourne after Perth; Williamson gave this purpose


Melbourne: In perth test Australia vs New Zealand After the crushing defeat, the New Zealand cricket fans hoped that the team would now perform better in the Melbourne Test. But here too, he faced a crushing defeat of 247 runs on the fourth day of the match and lost the series as well. after the match New Zealand captain Kane Williamson Said that his team did not play well in front of a good opposing team.

Difficult to beat australia in his house
With this, Williamson also admitted that it is very difficult to defeat Australia in his own house. Williamson said, "I think there was a lot going on from the surface of the pitch, it was very important for us to be the best in our game, but the credit would go to Australia the way they played in the first season."

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They proved to be better in every department
Kiwi captain Kane Williamson Admitted that Australia's team proved to be better than their team. He said, "They proved to be better than us in every department. Their attack was excellent. There was a lot of precision. They managed to get the most out of the surface. We needed to be very good in our game, but we couldn't do it. . "

Need to learn
Kane WilliamsonSaid, "It is always hard to come here and win. At this time we are not doing our best and we were playing against a strong opponent. In some cases we have to learn from our mistakes quickly."

Wagner-Blundle Compliments
Kane Williamson Also praised his bowler Neil Wegner. Wagner became the second fastest bowler to take 200 Test wickets for New Zealand. In addition to Wagner, Williamson also praised Tom Blundle who scored a century in the match. He said, "Wegner had a sherdil performance. He just keeps playing. The bowlers' work was also commendable. Blundle's century was fantastic. He played at the right moment but we need to get better."

Now the last Test match of the series between the two countries will be played in Sydney on January 3. Earlier, New Zealand had to face defeat by 296 runs in Perth.
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