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BrainGym – jj



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  1. I sang Shallow by Brandley Cooper Lady Gaga from the movie A star is born. That is a sad song to hear. I cried all had done at night in Sunday morning. Brain gym that's my favorite thing to do. Without my parents cause they don't do it our selfs. Right now I am alone in my bedroom and cry. 😢😢😪 my sisters dad got passed away with no remember that he died from me. But my heart is breaking so hard. My tears is going down. Oh My Gosh! 😪😢😔💔

  2. My sister and I were both walking and running to my dads house every day excerise to learn well done it is time to get strong and brave can be. But there was one comments. Do you love God? Because he was my holy spirt comes me. And also I were just my dreaming of my sister every night. Tonight I will pray to choose why are twins sisters look like sometimes I love me

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