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CAA: TMC compensates folks of Karnataka killed throughout protest – jj

CAA: TMC compensates folks of Karnataka killed throughout protest


Members of Trinamool Congress delegation

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Less than 48 hours after West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's announcement, her party's delegation handed over checks worth Rs five lakh each to the kin of the policemen shot dead in the coastal city of Mangaluru in Karnataka.

On Saturday, a Trinamool Congress party delegation visited the houses of Mohammed Jalil and Nausheen who were killed during demonstrations in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

Mohammad Jalil and Nausheen were killed by a police bullet. Police say that the protesters attacked the Bunder police station due to which they had to shoot.

TMC MPs Dinesh Trivedi and Nadeemulla Haq were among the delegation to meet the families of the deceased. Both of them also met people who are injured and are currently hospitalized for treatment.

Dinesh Trivedi told the BBC, "Whatever we are doing, from human point of view, there is no politics in this. Here the BJP government announced compensation but did not give it. It is like putting salt on the wounds. While Mamta Banerjee stands with everyone. "

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What did the relatives of the dead say

The relatives of the deceased told the BBC that the leaders who came to meet them were comforted and listened to them seriously.

Recalling the day of the incident, Jalil's brother Mohammed Yahia said, "My brother used to work as a daily wage laborer in the nearby fish market. He came home in the afternoon, left his children at home and prayed for the next mosque. He went away. All this happened at four-five and a half hours. This place is not far away. I do not know why it was shot. "

Nausheen's brother Naufan said, "Nausheen was working at a welding shop. His boss told him to go to the mosque and also refused to return because there was a fight nearby. He died on the way to the mosque. happened."

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Naufan says, "Yes, we have got money. But we want justice. Money is not important. When we met our Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa, we also told him clearly that we want justice. This will be compensated." So he said. "

Yahia told that his brother's financial condition was not good.

He said, "Yes, the Chief Minister has said that he will give compensation but we do not know what happened after that?"

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Politics on compensation

The Chief Minister had announced a compensation of one million for each affected family, but the very next day when the police claimed that the two killed were with the protesters, Yeddyurappa backed down.

Whether the two killed were involved in any protests and whether they had damaged any public property? CID and magistrate inquiry will be conducted to answer these questions.

Now the Chief Minister has said that the compensation will be given to both the families only after being acquitted by this investigation.

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Shortly after the Trinamool Congress offered compensation, the Karnataka BJP leaders accused Mamata Banerjee of doing politics.

But Trinamool leader Dinesh Trivedi said, "Let the people think, let us think. We went to meet the victims in the hospital. It seems that the police did not fire bullets to disperse the crowd but instead aimed at the people." Had to kill. "

Trivedi says, "Students and ordinary laborers are admitted in the hospital. There should not be any loss of children's education. We have not made any announcement. We will do whatever kind of help is needed."

"But when we do this, we will not look towards their religion. Nor will we see their clothes what they are wearing."

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