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Federal Loss of life Penalty Executions start as per Lawyer Basic William Barr Orders – jj

Federal Loss of life Penalty Executions start as per Lawyer Basic William Barr Orders

Federal Executions will recommence as per orders from Attorney General William Barr rescinding a 16 year moratorium. Currently, there are 62 federal prisoners …


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  1. I am really slow to form broad opinions on this. From a logical standpoint if the death penalty was what was given and all the inmate's rights are exhausted then have the respect for everyone involved to carry out the sentence. The only cases I wish to see the death penalty for are the ones where a parent murders thier child. This kind of case has become common recently. There are already more senior citizens than minors in this county and now parents are killing tje children they chose to bring into their homes and lives. For many reasons this is just a behavior that needs to be purged from society. To kill one's own children is such a flaw that even if it is mental illness, whatever traits not only cannot be shown mercy by society, the traits cannot be allowed to be passed on. Either by genetics or by influencing anyone by having contact with the outside world ever.

  2. Fantastic week ! It is not raining, it is liberal tears ! Mueller is a senile dolt, Dems are idiots and we can at last after 15 years execute scum who rape, torture and murder children and the elderly. Wait for the Libtards tears, cannot wait !!! Exquisite and delightful.

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