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Gold might be cheaper by greater than 1500 rupees within the new yr due to this! – Gold Fee Right down to greater than 1500 rupee in 2020 Gold Value Forecast for subsequent yr share market give good return finest funding possibility | Enterprise – Information in Hindi – jj

Gold might be cheaper by greater than 1500 rupees within the new yr due to this! – Gold Fee Right down to greater than 1500 rupee in 2020 Gold Value Forecast for subsequent yr share market give good return finest funding possibility | Enterprise – Information in Hindi


new Delhi. Although buying gold in India is always considered 'auspicious' but Indian gold shopping in the form of big festivals like Akshaya Tritiya, Dhanteras-Diwali, coins, gold biscuits and even bars (bars) (Gold Outlook 2020). However, times have changed now. In today's era, people earn big profits by investing money in gold. The well-known financial advisors of the country tell that if someone had invested in Gold ETF in the year 2019, he would have got the chance to earn the most profit. Because in the last one year gold has given a return of 20 percent (Gold Returns in 2019). However, the continued rise in gold prices in the new year i.e. 2020 can now stop. It has also been seen since the beginning of December. Gold has fallen 6 percent from the upper level. Experts say that due to the strengthening of the rupee and the trade deal between the US-China, gold can be cheaper even further.

Gold Vs Stock Market- In the last one year, gold has been at the forefront of the return race. But it can lag behind in the new year i.e. 2020. In the year 2020, those who invest in the equity market, ie the stock market, can get big returns. However, in the year 2019, the stock market has given 14% return to investors. Apart from this, 5.8 percent return has been received on the most preferred FD (fixed deposit) in the country.

Gold can be cheaper in the new yearNow, if we talk about the year 2020, then gold traders and commodity experts are forecasting a fall in gold prices by March. They say that the agreement between the United States and China regarding trade war will put pressure on gold prices.Experts say that due to 'first stage' trade trade deal, gold prices can fall by up to 5 percent. This means that gold can be cheaper by Rs 1800 per ten grams from the current level. At the same time, if the deal is not done, the prices will rise again.

Ajay Kedia, MD of Kedia Commodity told News18 Hindi that in the first six months of the year 2020, gold prices may remain under pressure. Because the trade deal has been agreed. At the same time, the Indian rupee is also strengthening against the US dollar. In such a situation, the pressure on prices is expected to remain.

Asif Iqbal, head of research at Escort Security, says that there is no possibility of major changes in interest rates from the US. However, recovery is now coming in global economies. In such a situation, the trend of investors from the world can move away from gold and then go towards the stock market.

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This will stop the purchases made as a safe investment in gold. IBJA national president Prithviraj Kothari said that the rupee has strengthened against the dollar to 70.80 against the dollar. This is also an important factor affecting gold.

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This time a big opportunity to make money in the stock market- The first six months of 2019 became heavy on the stock market due to the slowdown in the world economy. But now the phase of economic slowdown is nearing its end. That is why the stock markets of America and Asia have reached a new peak again in the last one month. Experts say that the eyes of the Indian stock market are now set on the decisions of the general budget. Apart from this, if trade war deal goes ahead then this year will be the biggest opportunity for investors to make money in the stock market.

Subramanian Pashupati, managing partner of Capital Syndicate, told News18 Hindi that the market is now focusing on the budget to be presented on February 1. If the income tax is cut, the country's consumption story will get a boost again. In such a situation, the stock market is expected to boom again.

Vivek Mittal, Head of Research, VM Portfolio, says that this time long-term capital gains tax can be removed in the budget. If this happens, there will be a big boom in the stock market. Also, companies will now get the benefit of corporate tax cuts. In such a situation, quarterly results of companies are expected to be better.

Vivek says that auto sectors are also expected to improve next year. Because BS-6 will now be applicable. So buy the biggest tension of car buyers BS-4 or buy BS-6 will go away now.

You can buy in these shares- Vivek Mittal has suggested buying at JSL at the current level. He has set a target of Rs 55 on the stock. Apart from this, a target of Rs 90 on JK tires, Rs 70 on OBC and Rs 110 on Tata Motors DVR has been set.

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