How Idd Amin prophesied Obama's presidency & employed attraction to chill down placing Ugandan Docs

How Gen. Idd Amin prophesied Obama’s presidency and employed charm to cool down striking Ugandan Doctors
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  1. Europeans and the western world, has always did everything possible to tarnish the image of Africans and other leaders from other countries if they fail to dance to their whims and caprices. The truth is we black people we haven't done the necessary things we are expected to do for ourselves to ensure we don't fall prey to other nations we may feel that is better than us but in actual fact they are not. God bless Africa, God bless the black race.

  2. Ooooh General Amin, my General. Why were we told so many bad things about this true African leader, we were misled by the whites to hate and think bad of him. We need more of the General' clips please so that we can learn more positive things about him. Lion of Africa. The Western World Media make true African leaders look bad and the one' that they control look good. Please more clips of the General.

  3. Just for record, The Protocols of Zion is a farce, one copy of another book called Dialogue in Hell from Maurice Joly.

    Internet is your friend, you can used her for help.

    Edit: Another thing, anti-semitic is nothing new in Germany, ginger woman, that are heretic (don't follow Jesus) and are identify with one star. Anyone catch the reference?

  4. I am Ugandan and do justify the actions of Idi Amin.I believe that the transition should have been more organised as to benefit the local Ugandans.The Ugandan's were treated like second class citizens in their own country and exploited.

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