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How one can Clear Contact Lenses : Protein Deposits & Contact Lens Care – jj

How one can Clear Contact Lenses : Protein Deposits & Contact Lens Care

Learn how to clean protein deposits from your contact lenses in this free vision and eye care video. Expert: Elton Hall Bio: Elton Hall has been an Optician for …



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  1. back when i wore gas perms, i would clean my lenses with 91% rubbing alcohol… worked great.. pop the lens out… put in palm with a few drops of alcohol.. 50% or 70% worked too, just took a few seconds longer to clean all the deposits.. they are just different ratio of dilution with water.. after a few seconds rubbing.. rinse well with saline and pop them back in.. or store in saline… did this for years as my ONLY contact lens cleaning ritual.. got sick of buying the rather expensive boston solution then enzyme tablets too.. matter of fact, i first tried it as an alternative to enzyme tablets only.. .still daily cleaning with boston.. then i said WTF, this is working so great and cleaning them so well… i went to daily and never looked back.. it's like enzyme cleaning daily with no overnight wait.. literally, if you sleep in them too, you can wear them 24/7 with only a few minutes maintainance.. never a problem, never an infection, always perfect vision.. NOW.. DISCLAIMER… this my MY experience only.. and was used with my lenses at the time… the materials used in today's lenses may have changed and this may not work well or damage/melt your lenses, eyes, or worse… use this method at your own risk.. it's the cheapest, best solution I came up with… i'm seriously thinking of going back to gas perms.. soft lenses are pissing me off.. if and when i do, i'll be trying this method again.. hope i have the same results…

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