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Impeachment is a poisoned apple (letter) – jj

Impeachment is a poisoned apple (letter)


In politics, a poisoned apple is something you need to look for in friend and foe alike: Some poisoned apples are intentional, others accidental. 

The impeachment of President Donald Trump is a picture-perfect example of a poisoned apple in politics, dangerous to friend or foe. In this case, the poison in the apple is the inner workings of the Ukraine scandal, which, to me, look too crafted, too thought out. Trump looks too positioned in the scandal, so the Ukraine scandal is political.

So for Trump, impeachment is a political tool, specifically a campaign tool. How does it work for him? Trump hopes the Democrats look at impeachment not as politics, but as a legality: Democrats will pursue impeachment to protect the integrity of the Constitution. Democrats are on a legal path, while Trump remains political. Angry and self-righteous Democrats will follow the cold logic of the law while Trump dances around playing politics, hoping the Democrats get angrier and angrier in the eyes of the American public.

Americans have always liked their liberals aquamarine cool rather than red-hot mad. A red-hot mad liberal to most Americans wants to raise taxes through the roof, thereby destroying the economy.

In the end, the voter will decide how this poisoned apple is resolved: Will voters reward Democrats for pursuing the law, or punish them for their anger? Or will Trump’s campaign politics backfire and poison his and his party’s chances?

Scandals today follow a familiar pattern: Shock, holler, crisis, blunder and forgotten. Let’s see.

Matthew Atlee

Manor Township

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