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Skinny scrawny to bodybuilder pure transformation tutorial + easy methods to – jj

Skinny scrawny to bodybuilder pure transformation tutorial + easy methods to

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  1. You are literally fucking clueless. Anyone wanting to actually build muscle or get fit. I recommend watching and reading material made from actual bodybuilders and trainers. Not some fucking weekend warrior that's pretending to have a fucking clue

  2. You do look slightly better in the latter photos, but if you seriously claim to be muscular from this, you are going to get people concluding you are seriously deluded. It is OK to talk about losing fat because you are a good example for a low body fat percentage physique but if you consider yourself anything remotely akin to a bodybuilder then be prepared for a shit lot of negative remarks.

  3. i really wonder it's been 3 years from this video, he is saying peace in the End and what the hell did this people say in order to get him so upset and mad in 2015 ? …. i really don't give a F*uck who likes or not likes you … you are my Hero

  4. Careful with the running.  I'm in my mid 60's and love swimming & high wind windsurfing.  However, a longtime friend of mine ran his knees into the ground.  He then switched his emphasis to his bike, but his knees eventually were too far gone for even performance biking.  Now he's just a mess.  He was very conscious about his diet throughout his active years, though not a veg.  He was always conscious of his nutrition and stayed pretty clean.  His father was a prominent heart specialist.  Certainly, footwear has improved immensely since then, but long distance running can still take its toll.  I would love to know why Dave Scott(six time Hawaiian Ironman Champion) now incorporates fish into his former vegan diet. Have you ever spoken with him?

  5. ROFL this is ridiculous!   In the picture where he calls himself "Arnold" he has the same skinny ass physique, he's just leaning back and flexing while drawing his chin into his skiny neck to give the apprearance of more size….look at his clavicle length, there is no more muscle at all in that pic ROFL

  6. Why do you leave obnoxious, rude comments on Elliott Hulse's videos? You are rather small compared to him, and he knows more about fitness in most peoples' opinions. Also, you in no way are even close to being a bodybuilder. 

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