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TAG Heuer Meridiist mobile phone – jj

TAG Heuer Meridiist mobile phone

The culture editor of Monocle Magazine speaks of the upcoming TAG Heuer Meridiist cellphone during Baselworld 2008 watch fair.


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  1. All commercial PCBs are made by auto placement. So what;s the point about hand making which is uncontrollable , inconsistent and unreliable? Hand making BGA based PCBs would result in many many quality control defects.

  2. wtf? why are you responding to comments from over 3years ago?
    This phone came out in 2007, before the galaxy series was even invented.

    No one gives a shit, Japanese phone makers have been churning out 12mp phones for a few years now. They even have 14mp phones for the japanese market.

  3. It is not reasonable to assemble handphones by hand. No company does BGA package assembly/reflow by hand anyway and robots used extensively for many reasons including consistent quality across a large production run. It happens with handmade expensive European cars that doors don't fit accurately across the production run. Handwork is of the past.

  4. I have this phone, and I must admit, it's not for everyone. If for a second, you can get over the price, then what you have is an awesome phone. I have a Motorola Xoom tablet that does all of my heavy computing on the go. There is no need for a smartphone and a tablet, cause they do the exact same thing.

    Therefore, for the price insensitive consumer, this Tag phone is a gem. And it's very non assuming. Also, it's timeless. You have to replace smartphones and tablets every year to keep up.

  5. iPhone > Meridiist.

    Watchmakers are jewelers, no more no less. A time will come when phone-technology develops enough for only aesthetic changes being possible… till then, the newest iPhone will be the best phone in the world.

  6. @PremiumWater ….Bud, this phone is not for tech savvy people. Its the quality what makes the phone makes it stand apart. And its target audience wont tink like you think. They would fly First Class, Drive Ferraris and eat with a silver spoon. £4000 is a change for tham, a fortune for others.

  7. @122A7 my thoughts exactly, who cares about a makeshift twitter pic ?.. this phone wasn't meant for millennial kids addicted to the web, its meant for a more older and affluent clientele… the only thing is that collectible watches retain their value, but electronic gadgets are disposable..tag heuer should have gotten rid of the 2mp cam and maybe this phone would have been more acceptable and longer lasting.

  8. @TaYmOuR46 it costs a buttload of cash cause its assembled by hand, like their watches and has a 24hr operator slave valet at your service. other than that its a basic phone w/3g service
    ps. its aimed for elite rich people that collect time pieces and golf at country clubs. The retarded price tag keeps this bitch exclusive… just like the fugly vertu phones, but at least this one is made of stainless steel and croc skin and not gold and glitter.

  9. way too expensive…nokia been in the business longer than almost anyone…well i mean motorola and that were around but nokia advanced into the top cell company…they have all the expertise…tag shouldnt jus come along with their name and think they can pull of a stunt like that…6000dollars is freaking insane

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