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The Hollywood international press affiliation raises cash for charity – jj

The Hollywood international press affiliation raises cash for charity


1.Wide shot of driveway leading to Beverly Hills Hotel.
2.Close up of Beverly Hills Hotel sign
3.Pull out to medium shot of red carpet area.
4.Medium Shot of Kirk and Anne Douglas
5.Shot of sign of Hollywood Foreign Press Association
6.Wide shot of Kirk and Anne Douglas walking to the stage
7,SOUNDBITE: (English) Anne Douglas – “We are half way through all together, my goal is 4 hundred playgrounds that we are going to finish in the Los Angeles school district. Foreign Press is helping us with a small donation and we are very greatful of that.” SOT Kirk Douglas – “I said honey I am proud of you, what can I do to help, she said, get a job, we need the money.”
8.Set up shot of Clint Eastwood
9.SOUNDBITE: (English) Clint Eastwood – “I think keep knocking your head against the wall eventually good things will happen, there is a lot of luck involved but also a lot of good hard work, hopefully a little bit of both and then maybe it will all fall together for you.” SOT Journalist – “That’s your formula for success.” SOT Clint Eastwood – “Fait plays a little part in it but I also think that good hard work and know what you can… I hate to sound like Yogy Bear and say know what you know, but at the same token it will all come around.”
10.Clint Eastwood taking the stage with sound under – “I had the cheque outside remember, did one of the photographers take it. Where’s that cheque, I’m not kidding.” SOT Clint – “Here it comes now, a road map and the cheque and your son’s got it, you’re keeping it all in the family, how about that. Well thank you, thank you kindly and thank you Hollywood Press and what weren’t Kirk and I in Legally Blonde, we are both legally blonde, we are perfect casting for that picture. 200,000 dollars, that’s fantastic.”
11.Set up shot of Julia Ormond
12.Close up of Julia Ormond
13.SOUNDBITE: (English) Julia Ormond – “When you said final cheque I was… I basically want to thank you first and foremost for enabling me to be in the same room as Clint Eastwood, secondly, this is the second time that Hollywood Foreign Press has supported Film Aid and we basically take film making equipment to refugee camps to show free feature films and educational videos. We’re now embarking on going to Kenya and Tanzania. I am going to send you tape of Kosovo refugees, children who’s faces we were so used to seeing through media coverage, fraught with trauma, tension, misery. I am going to show you the footage of them watching cartoons and Charlie Chaplin and films, laughing, clapping and cheering.”
14.Audience cutaway and pull out.


CLINT EASTWODD, KIRK DOUGLAS and JULIA ORMOND added the glamour to a charity luncheon in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, to accept money on behalf of a bevy of worthly causes.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Annual Benefit Luncheon took place in the landmark Beverly Hills Hotel, and presented $485,000 in donations to a range of projects,

The wife of film legend Kirk Douglas, Anne Douglas picked up a check to help in her project to improve school playgrounds all over the Los Angeles area. She has refurbished 130 playgrounds through fundraising and donations so far.

Clint Eastwood made acceptance remarks on behalf of the Film Foundation and several Film Schools in the Los Angeles area that have turned out movie-makers like Robert Zemeckis and John Singleton.

Eastwood, the perennial tough guy, also offered words of advice and encouragement for the next generation of filmmakers.

The Foreign Press Association is probably best known for its telecast and sponsorship of the Golden Globe Awards.

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