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Will the flagship iPhone price $649 ever once more? – jj

Will the flagship iPhone price $649 ever once more?


Before 22 September 2017, the flagship iPhone cost $649 which was for various reasons already considered a premium price. However, since the release of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, the price of iPhones has shot. Will the flagship iPhone sell for just $649 ever again?

Apple CEO Tim Cook when questioned as to why the iPhone X cost $999 said that, with the iPhone X they get a good camera, a portable computer, and a lot more without requiring to buy a lot of separate things. The logic may work for some people but it does not make sense for everyone as some people do not think smartphone cameras can ever take good pictures as the sensors are too small compared to full-fledged cameras.

However, I am quite hopeful that the price of flagship iPhones will fall in the future but Apple will also make a new expensive iPhone. This year, Apple reduced the price of the standard iPhone 11 by $50 compared to the iPhone XR which was the predecessor in the line. For 2020, Apple is likely preparing an expensive 5G phone and as a result the price of standard 4G phone could fall by $100 or so.

The flagship iPhone could cost $899 compared to the current price of flagship iPhone being $999. A $100 price reduction is still good compared to nothing; we expect the iPhone 11S 5G to cost $999 and not many people will buy it because the 5G rollout will take time. The people who do not need the fastest internet speeds and can work with 4G, can skip the 5G iPhone and save some money.

The rumour mill suggests that Apple release a lot more phones next year compared to its previous upgrade cycles. Will you buy the iPhone 5G version or would rather save some money?

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