Lady police officer mentioned huge factor on Priyanka Gandhi's allegations. Lucknow: Woman Police officer rejects Priyanka Gandhi's allegation of misbehave together with her.



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Updated: Sunday, December 29, 2019, 6:43 (IST)

Lucknow. Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi reached Lucknow on a two-day tour, during which she alleged that the police had misbehaved and strangled her on Saturday. But the police have retaliated on their charges. Circle Officer Dr. Archana Singh said that this is not right, I was Priyanka Gandhi's fleet incharge. Nobody misbehaved with them, I just did my job. I also went to Dhakamukki during this incident.


Priyanka took you turn

Priyanka Gandhi had alleged that the UP Police misbehaved with her and strangled her. After these allegations of Priyanka Gandhi, there was a lot of panic and the matter started catching up. After which the lady police officer herself came forward and gave clarification in this whole matter and said that no misconduct was done to her and nobody strangled her. Interestingly, Priyanka Gandhi herself took a U-turn on her statement and said that the police surrounded me and put a hand on my throat and also dropped me.

Minister dubbed gimmick

Speaking to the media late Saturday, Priyanka said that, I was going to meet the family of Darapuri. The police repeatedly stopped. When the car stopped and I tried to walk, I stopped and surrounded me and put my hand on my throat, I was also dropped once. The BJP has called it a gimmick of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra over the strangulation statement. UP cabinet minister Siddharthnath Singh has criticized the Congress general secretary in a tweet in this regard.

SSP asks for report

SSP Kalanidhi Naithani said that, the report said that Priyanka Gandhi had left for the Gokhale Marg from the party office. His fleet did not go the fixed way and started going towards Lohia path. When it was negotiated, no correct answer was received. The rest of the allegations are false. At the same time Priyanka Gandhi, talking to the wife of retired IPS SR Darapuri, assured her that her husband will be out of jail soon. He said don't worry, keep yourself strong … your husband will be out soon.

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