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Consideration: cyber thieves entry our accounts through public wi-fi networks – jj

Consideration: cyber thieves entry our accounts through public wi-fi networks

At this time many criminals are on the lookout for their victims, so take precautions, not only when withdrawing money from the bank but also when making virtual purchases.

Criminals hide behind computers and mobile phones, especially if they do it through a public Wi-Fi network, where they can be opening the door for thieves to access their bank details.

According to Asbanc's operations manager, Giovanni Pichling, using a public Wi-Fi network is not secure, since we are connecting to a server or equipment of a person who is obtaining our information, so we recommend using a secure line to make operations safely.

Also, Pichling warns us of the risk we run when going to sites that have computer viruses and use that same equipment to make financial operations, use our email or our social networks and expose all our personal information.


Asbanc operations manager said that preferably we should not withdraw large sums of money, because there are now mechanisms in various digital channels where transactions can be made without the need to make cash: mobile wallets, transfers, automatic account charges, etc.

It is in our hands to avoid putting ourselves in risk situations, so do not stop taking your precautions on these dates.

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