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Despair incapacity pension. – jj

Despair incapacity pension.

Ramón Escribano Garés, lawyer specializing in claim for work disability pensions. Telephone 958-274169.

In this video, the lawyer Ramón Escribano Gáres makes some legal considerations about the legal viability that may apply to apply for a disability pension for those who suffer from major depression.

The first part of the video describes briefly and without medical claims, which is a depression, and especially what is the most common symptomatology of these processes.

Secondly, we address what type of pension would be the most appropriate for each case, especially considering the most serious cases, whose claim should be aimed at requesting an absolute permanent pension for all work.

In our law firm we are specialists in claiming disability pensions. You can call 958-274169 and tell us your case for free. The first telephone consultation is free. Once we know your case, we will inform you about the feasibility of it and we will send you a budget with the cost that it would involve to hire us to take care of your claim. Free budget and without obligation.

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NOTE: All information contained in this video is purely generalist. Each case must be studied in detail and individually to know if these conclusions can be applied to that particular case. The viewing of the video and the reading of this text does not imply any contractual relationship with the law firm.


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