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Proof of (PRODUCT)RED Apple Watch Sequence 5 leaks out early – jj

Proof of (PRODUCT)RED Apple Watch Sequence 5 leaks out early


Next Apple Watch Activity challenge will take place on Veterans Day
On its way in 2020?
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

Apple’s next (PRODUCT)RED release could be a gorgeous new Apple Watch Series 5.

References to a new device have been spotted in an Apple database ahead of its release. It could be the first (RED) Apple Watch since the wearable made its debut back in 2015.

Apple launched its first (PRODUCT)RED device in 2006. Over the last 13 years, with the help of its customers, it has raised more than $220 million. Its most recent (RED) product is the iPhone 11.

Apple already offers two (RED) bands for Apple Watch in both Sport Band and Sport Loop varieties. But we’re yet to see a (RED) Apple Watch. That could change in 2020.

(PRODUCT)RED Apple Watch leaks out early

WatchGeneration reports that a new (RED) Apple device, believed to be an Apple Watch, briefly appeared in an Apple product database before disappearing again.

The device has a model number different to that of the (RED) Apple Watch bands. “From what we have learned, it would be a Series 5, probably with the aluminum case, and branded RED,” the report adds.

It is believed the Watch will be similar in color to that of the (RED) iPod touch. It is expected to cost the same as other aluminum Apple Watch models, with prices starting at $399.

It’s unclear at this point when the device could make its debut.

A post-holiday sales boost

It’s best we take this report with a pinch of salt for now.

WatchGeneration is the sister site of MacGeneration, which has a good track record for Apple rumors. It recently leaked the 16-inch MacBook Pro ahead of its official debut. But it seems there isn’t much to go on here — certainly nothing concrete just yet.

A (RED) Watch would be a great way to boost sales of Apple’s most recent wearable. It will have almost certainly enjoyed stronger demand over the holidays, but that will quickly fizzle out going into 2020.

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