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Workouts on your Again : Squat Dumbbell Row Train to Enhance Again Power – jj

Workouts on your Again : Squat Dumbbell Row Train to Enhance Again Power

Learn exercise tips on how to strengthen the back using the squat bent over dumbell row technique in this free workout video lesson on strength exercises for your back.

Expert: Mike Colangelo
Contact: www.mikecolangelo.com
Bio: During Mike’s career he has helped literally hundreds of clients loose body fat and gain sculpted lean muscle as a fitness director for YMCA and strength and conditioning coach of the Pottstown Pengui
Filmmaker: Andy Strohl


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  3. @13andincrediblycut iam 13 and i can deadlift 800lbs and squat 750
    i can also do shrugs 500lbs 38 repitions. i can do 114 pull ups non-stop regulary
    138 max. I can do Barbell rows 375 lbs since last year now i can do 450lbs. Iam 6"8 weighing 262 pounds and iam only 6.3% fat my max bench record is 525 and i hold the state record from all over the school. Iam Drug free all natural muscle. i can also lift small ponies and larger horses that are 2000lbs. i also hold the record as most muscular 13

  4. it was m bad

    i wrote the comment before watching the video. i thought the video was combining the squat and the row. my bad


    also, this video tries and fails to waork the whole back effectively

    to do so, you need to do a lower back exercise, like deadlift or squat, and then do rows
    also add some lat pulldown occasionally

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