Excessive winter precautions and physician's recommendations How one can keep away from a chilly? Strive grandparents' ideas, hearken to the recommendation of medical doctors


new Delhi: The cold wave has taken over the whole of North India in the wintry season, in which the doctors are advising people to avoid the cold and keep themselves warm. "Most patients are complaining of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI), lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI), high stress, stroke and myocardial infection," said Amarinder Malhi, a senior resident of AIIMS.

He added, "If you want to avoid these diseases, it is very important to keep yourself warm. People should drink four to five glasses of hot water per day. Use an oil heater instead of a conventional heater, because the traditional heater can dry the environment. But mainly keep your body warm with woolen clothes, gloves, topi, socks etc. "

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According to Malhi, the people who come here affected by the cold wave are mostly from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. He said, "Most of our patients are from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab, there are more number of children, infants and elderly people". Seeing the increasing number of patients from the cold, the doctor said about the management of the hospital, "We have made arrangements for additional blankets, beds and heaters in the hospital, so that the patients do not face any problem."

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According to the meteorological department, this phase of cold wave may continue for some more time. On this, Rajendra Gennamani, senior scientist of India IMD said, "It is a long-term different kind of cold, which affected the whole of North India."

He added, "Generally, there is a period of five to six days of extreme cold, but the temperature is the lowest since December 13 this year, which is extraordinary."

(Input: Agency IANS)

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