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Get Prepared To Marry Sam Adeyemi – jj

Get Prepared To Marry Sam Adeyemi

Get Ready To Marry – Sam Adeyemi.


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  1. My first service at Daystar. I came with someone special, this was memorable for me as it was from this service I joined Daystar till today by Gods Grace, I am still here by Gods Grace and I NEVER regret this decision. Special Effects, thanks for believing in me. Thanks Pst. Sam

  2. Wow!!! I come back to this message today to Glorify ALMIGHTY GOD!!!
    Three months ago I listened to this message and I got some information/ideas that by the grace of GOD I put it in practice and today I'm happily Married…. Man of GOD I thank GOD for your Life and what GOD is using you to do for mankind.
    GOD bless you sir!
    So….. Listeners out there to you" Get ready to marry;

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