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In search of a James Petherick replace – jj

In search of a James Petherick replace

I hope James is Well.

Link to story stated in the video:


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  1. I honestly think he's gone off the radar and just dropped off the grid completely to get himself sorted. Going to regular GA meetings, come off all social media and just focusing on getting himself back on track… hopefully anyway!

    I'm with you guys, it was the best Gambling Diary I've seen. I could relate in every aspect, carrying all the cash with him, constantly counting it and looking forward to the next bookies trip. Celebrating wins with a few beers and takeaway and when losing closing accounts down and having countless futile attempts to stop completely. One thing is for certain, he isn't on the FOBT's with the £2 stake anymore!

    It would be good to watch those videos again if anyone knows where to watch them?

  2. his last few videos were of him winning three grand,he bought some tools for work,video a few days later he lost the lot and was trying to get a payday loan to chase it.i watched every video he ever made.

  3. I watched his videos from the start. It was fascinating. He was a pioneer in vlogging self-help. Yes, he had a quirk somehwere. But don't we all. And he was trying to be honest. His early videos were brutally raw. Holy shit we could even witness a close-call suicide. Remember when he lost everything, standing drunk on a chair fumbling with a rope? Then I lost interest a bit, with his new bird and constant ramblage against the gambling industry and other normal stuff (how ironic). I was looking for what happened to him, too. All I got from Twitter and Forums was that after his relapse he went cold turkey. I can understand it. He promoted himself to a cruisader against gambling. So after this relapse, especially after having recovered so well, his credibility was destroyed and probably his self-worth as well, even more should he have lost his winnings, what is to be expected. Back at square one. Same like years ago. That's a big blast in everyone's life.  So yeah, I would be interested too what he's up too. Time for DOCG – Part Two.

  4. James was trolled off of youtube or what the troll was saying was true and James received a payout to stop making vids. Forget the laughable trolls who abuse Timmy or SeasideMark, the troll who had James was a different level and had him by the balls! He/she, had James running around looking for an anonymous PO box. James even vlogged loking for it in the belief that someone was being paid to take his channel down. Where it got really interesting was when the troll got the whole channel down. Someone had posted a review about where James worked (it was in a pub) and the review was not about the pub but about James' channel, so his employers found out. Here's where it got more interesting. James started receiving emails from the person purporting to be a paid professional…. (continued in reply)

  5. Hi there as well I watched all of pethericks rollercoaster ride of his gambling life , that era opened floodgates for a lot of gamblers to open up . Looks like petherick has moved on and I'd doubt if he'd ever come back to YouTube ..good luck in your quest tho and be lucky

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