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The most important is 'Panchak'

The most important is 'Panchak'

In Hindu culture, there is a law to do every work by observing Muhurta. The most important of this is Panchak. Whenever any work is started, Panchak is also considered along with auspicious time. There are a total of 27 Nakshatras in the Nakshatra Chakra. Five of these last constellations are considered corrupt. These constellations are Dhanishthana, Shatabhisha, Purvabhadrapada, Uttarabhadrapada and Revathi. Each nakshatra is divided into four phases. Panchak starts from the third phase of Dhanishta Nakshatra and lasts till the last phase of Revathi Nakshatra. There is a Nakshatra every day, so it took five days from Dhanishtha to Revathi. It is a five-day quintet.

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Therefore it is necessary to see 'Panchak'

Therefore it is necessary to see 'Panchak'

Panchak means five. It is believed that if there are any inauspicious acts during Panchak, they have a frequency of five times. Therefore it is necessary to correct it. Panchak is considered especially at the time of one's death. It is believed that if a person dies during Panchak, five people in the family face a similar crisis as death. Therefore, at the time of cremation of a person who dies in Panchak, five effigies or bodies of flour-rice are made and they are also burnt together. This eliminates the Panchak Dosh from the family.

Forbidden work in quintet

In the scriptures, it is forbidden to perform certain functions during the Panchak. They should not forget it during this time. It is mentioned in the scriptures that Panchak is the most polluted day, so one should not travel towards south direction during Panchak. If the house is being constructed, roof should not be put in the quintet. Grass, wood, condes or other types of fuel are not stored during quintet. Bed construction ie making a bed, buying a bed, buying a bed, donating a bed is prohibited during Panchak. Apart from these, any type of work is not forbidden in Panchak.

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When in the year 2020 'Panchak'

When in the year 2020 'Panchak'

  • 30 December 2019 from 9.33 am to 4 January 2020 at 10.05 am
  • 26 January to 5.39 pm, 31 January to 6.11 pm
  • 22 February midnight 1.29 to 27 February midnight 1.07 pm
  • 21 March, 6.20 am to 26 March 7.15 pm
  • 17 April afternoon 12.16 to 22 April afternoon 1.18 pm
  • 14 May to 7.20 pm, 19 May to 7.53 pm
  • 10 June to midnight 3.40 to 15 June to 3.18 PM
  • July 8, 12.31 to July 13, 11.15 am
  • August 4 at 8.47 pm, August 9 at 7.05 pm
  • 31 August to midnight 3.48 to 5 September midnight to 2.22 pm
  • September 28 from 9.39 am to October 3 at 6.37 am
  • 25th October 3.24pm to 30th October 2.56pm
  • 21 November 10.24 to 26 November 9.20 pm
  • 19 December 7.16 to 23 December, 4.32 am

note: The time of starting and completion of Panchak is according to the Panchangas of Ujjain. According to local sunrise, sunset in panchangas prevalent throughout the country, it is possible to change a few seconds in these times. Therefore, while considering Panchak, do take the advice of local almanacs and astrologers.

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