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Everlasting incapacity resulting from hernia L4 L5. – jj

Everlasting incapacity resulting from hernia L4 L5.

Hernia L4 L5 Can I claim a permanent disability pension in any of its grades if I have this hernia?

In the video, the lawyer Ramón Escribano Garés analyzes what is a lumbar disc herniation l4 l5, all without medical pretensions, but only in order to introduce whether or not it would be viable to apply for a permanent disability pension to people who may suffer from this type of injury.

The lumbar area, and especially the area in which the vertebrae l4 and l5 are located, are subjected to continuous efforts and pressures, often suffering injuries such as hernias or protrusions, especially to people who perform work involving flexo-extensions continued from said area, weight loading, maintenance of standing positions and prolonged ambulation.

In the video we clarify how there are no general strategies or recipes to know if the person who has a hernia l4 l5 may or may not apply for a permanent disability pension. In the video we clarify that for this we must study each case in a particular way and following a specific order or scheme of work, which we could summarize in:

1.- Analysis of medical documentation.

2.- Analysis of the habitual work of the injured.

3.- Conclusions of the two previous sections.

Following this scheme, in each specific case, we can study the feasibility of each case.

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