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Pistachio Roasting Machine OZSTAR – jj

Pistachio Roasting Machine OZSTAR

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OZSTAR is incorporated in 2000 and started operating in dry nuts machine production sector. Since then specializing in manufacturing of food processing equipments especially in the field of dry nuts roasting ovens. Ozstar is based in Denizli, Aegean region which has most fertile soils of Turkey. As known sunflowers, almonds, chickpeas are main crops of this region. And Ozstar has the advantage of knowledge and experience with being in region ….. Our company has managed to stand out from competitors and became leader in the field of dry nuts roasting machine industry with confidence and intensive work. Offering the most affordable prices with high quality workmanship, our company has been always open to innovation, and developing itself. You can trust working with machines manufactured under “OZSTAR” brand and always have our after sales technical service whether your warranty expired or not.


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