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Precaution throughout Dense Fog and low visibility | Don’t be afraid of fog, take particular care of these items whereas driving, life is priceless – jj

Precaution throughout Dense Fog and low visibility | Don’t be afraid of fog, take particular care of these items whereas driving, life is priceless


Chandigarh: Fog has also increased in North India along with winter. Visibility has reduced significantly due to haze. This is why accidents are happening on the roads everyday. So far, many deaths have taken place in these accidents. The traffic marshal of Chandigarh says that it is important for the driver to be aware for safe journey on the road between the fog. Talking to Zee News, traffic marshal Suresh Sharma said that most accidents happen because people do not slow down their car despite the fog. He said that it is important to keep in mind that the higher the speed of your car, the greater the chances of accidents. Traffic Marshal Suresh told how to rescue in fog?

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How to save?
Follow the color guidelines on the road if visibility is very bad.
– Do not wear black or dark clothes if pedal, bicycle and two wheelers are possible.
– Wear radium jackets with pedals, bicycles and two wheelers.
Use radium tape on vehicles, especially on bicycles. People who go on scooters or bikes should also use radium tape on helmets.
Do not park the car on the road in the fog, if you are stopping the car on the road for a while, then keep both indicators on.
Use low-beam head light during fog, high-beam head light does not work in fog.
– Visibility is reduced due to fog, so in this case, use the fog light or apply yellow foil to the light.

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Similarly, traffic marshal Ashok Manchanda said that due to fog accidents, pedestrians and bicycles and bike riders are victims of accidents. Pedestrians and people riding two wheelers should wear radium jackets. Reflector jackets cost from 60 to 100 rupees, which is in everyone's budget. He said that the two-wheeler driver should use reflectors and radium tape in the fog so that even though the visibility is low, they are visible from a distance. Marshal Ashok said that radium tape should also be applied on the helmet.

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It is often seen that due to the fog, the glass becomes hazy, in which people start to drive without cleaning the glass. Traffic Marshal Sukhjit Kaur told that if the glass is blurred then first of all clean it with cotton cloth or use paper for this. Kaur told that the frozen mist on the glass can be removed by turning on the AC. Also keep in mind that if you are running a heater in a car, then open the glass a little for ventilation. He told that new features are coming in today's vehicles. The youth should make the elders aware of it. He said that it is most important to follow traffic rules while driving.

He said that overspeed driving, drunk and drive, driving in loud music, red light jump, wrong turn, wrong side-lane driving, roadside wrong parking and dead-helmet driving cause fatal accidents. With this, keep the vehicles head lights, fog lights, indicators, brakes, tires, windscreen wipers, batteries and car heating system maintained.

Traffic Marshal Suresh Sharma said that the color guidelines on the roads have been erased in many places, on which the administration should take steps before the fog starts. With this, road accidents can be reduced by being aware of the driver.

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